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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pink Butterfly Card

This is my card following the Sketch Saturday challenge #59. The sketch looked like it was for a square card, but since I don't like being square (pun intended LOL), I made the elements more rectangular. I also didn't put my sentiment in yet because I want to know what I might need it for. I just had a cousin die so I guess I ought to send a condolence card to my aunt and uncle. This card however seems a little too 'pretty' for a sympathy card. I colored the butterfly with colored pencils and then used blue sparkly eye shadow (a freebie from a make up purchase that I won't wear on my eyes) that I used like a chalk to color the stark white-ness of the paper. The ribbon on the left is a small piece of raffia that came around something else.

Thanks to everyone that's given me their opionion on Photo vs. Scan of my cards. I guess I just don't have a good camera because I just don't like how the photos turn out. I create in a windowless basement room so there's no natural sunlight to help my pictures. I have every light in the room on (except the sewing machine light). I have the camera soomed at tight as it will go, and I still get closer to make the card fill the screen the best I can. I have the card toward the bottom of the viewfinder, and I still get the card showing up close to the top (some of the raffia is cut off the edge of the card photo but not in real life). Unless I find a cheap little easel like I've seen other cards displayed on, or can aford a better camera (I've been wanting a different one anyway), I may give up trying to use the camera for my cards. The scanner may wash the colors a little bit but it takes good pictures. Here's a different way I could take a photo of my cards. It's right next to a lamp on my magnetic board. Of course, I have some flash glare.

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Rose said...

this is so pretty! and i luv how you used the eyeshadow :) thanks for playing with us at paperblooms this week :)