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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Here Chick Chick Chick

OK. I gave in to the "can we have them" from the boys. I had chickens as as kid but, except for the White Crested Polish hens I had for 4-H, they were just plain white chickens. We've had these "gals" for a week now. I'm trying to design my own chicken coop for them.

The boys get these two Bantas as their pets. The pvc pipe and marbles are around/in the water to prevent drowning of these tiny chicks. If they end up being roosters, yet aren't too noisy, we'll keep them. Hopefully at least one of them is a pullet so the two won't fight. They are going grow very big so they are going to be kept separated from the "big girls" (see below).

Here's one of the Barred Plymoth Rocks and two of the Golden Comets/Red Sex-Link. I got good photos of everyone asleep.

And this photo shows two Rhode Island Reds, another Golden Comet (the one with the eyes open), and another chick that might also be a Golden Comet (I'm not sure because it doesn't have the proment stripes like the other three and it's head is yellow-er) and you can see the head of the second Barred Rock (I'll have to get another photo of her because her wings are becoming quite pretty.)

I got the RIRs and the Golden Comets from Tractor Supply. The three with reddish stripes came from a bin marked as RIRs and the RIRs and the chick without the back stripes came from a "pullet" bin. TSC has the bins mislabled. I just hope the "pullets" really are pullets. The BPRs came from a straight run mix at Orschlens. I think I got lucky picking out my Rocks, because they have the black on the legs (plus other indicators) that say they are female. If that's the case, I should have lots of eggs this fall when they start laying.

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