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Sunday, March 26, 2017

I have been having computer issues and not posting

Too bad I can't do my blog on my tablet.  LOL  Tablet isn't perfect, but at least I can view (and like) on facebook, read email, watch YouTube tutorials and play Game of War.

I have done a few other things, however.

Polymer Clay Journal Covers (Art Club):
This one is going into the Art Auction  (back and front with pen)
 as is the butterfly one and it has a pen to go with it too.
      (the horses are MINE!!!)  😉
 A cat inspired by the adult coloring craze type of drawings
 And Garfield was done by my youngest son

I plan to do some more...I'm thinking rooster and hens because of my chickens.

And some coasters I did when I missed Art Club because of my wreck (pastel ones were done by a student showing me how to do this).  I gave as Christmas gifts to each family a set, and I didn't take pictures before wrapping them.

Pastel Paintings:

 For a glass challenge:

 For a foliage/non-flower challenge:

Michele Wells' Painting Skies/Clouds class in Webster Groves with Angela   

Oh, I almost forget that I was going to do a sneak peak of the current pastel painting in progress because if I don't work on my paintings, these will never get done.

Current painting in progress
It's one I painted 2 years ago and I'm hoping I can do a better job on it this time since I learned so much in the past couple of years.
 love how the bottle turned out (and the bowl
    the flower is looking better than my first attempt.  Now for the smaller white flowers