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Saturday, July 16, 2011

June Cards

Sorry I've been MIA but it's been a weird couple of months. The biggest thing is that my youngest son and I were bit by a squirrel that somehow got into our house. It got DS2 first and then I shoved my hand in its mouth trying to get DS2's hand out. Of course it would bite our dominate hands making it difficult to write or type. It wasn't easy, but I was still able to work Summer School. It put a crimp in my personal plans too. I planned on cleaning up my craft room but I decided to take it easy on my sore hand and am just now getting to the craft room. I've gotten a lot done today, and I even got some of my mending pile minimized and found the cards that I started in May that were still WIPs (Work In Progress).

I wasn't able to put the finishing touches onto my June sketch card back when I started them in May but for now I think I'll just post them anyway. The first three just need to be mounted onto a card base. The last one needs something in the square but it's already on a card base. I can make it into a birthday card, or another Thank you card.