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Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's been a while

since my last post, but I've been busy. Let's see if I can remember anything of what's been going on...

October: Can't think of anything except Halloween. My boys were dressed up as a Karate Kid (recycled the uniform he got for the 3 lessons) and a Cow (recycled dog costume). Also, it seems that this is the beginning of crazy days for DH at his job - one mini catastrophe after another

November: *My mom and I both went to VIP day at oldest son's school.
*Youngest son had a birthday.
*I started helping some old friends with a Benefits Call Center. I answered the phone and transfered the call to someone who could sell them the insurance policy(ies) they were interested in. They were doing this for two different businesses. This made for some long days because I still had my day job, the housework, etc. Told DH that no amount of money would be worth it if I still have to come home to a trashed house. So did DH step up to the plate and get the boys in the shower and bed on time? Did he clean up the kitchen, put the dishes in the dishwasher, or wipe the crumbs from the dining room table? NO!
*Youngest son gets ear ache so get antibiotic for it and Nurse Practitioner thinks he has allergies (which I've wondered but didn't know if there was anything that could be done except for the shots I use to get for my allergies) so she recommends Claritin Syrup for him. His nighttime cough gets better but it still hasn't gone away.
*Thanksgiving in St. Louis with DH's family.
*Family Reunion in the town I grew up in.

December (so far): *Presents bought but can't find time to wrap. Can't trust the boys to behave if I'm not in the room and if DH is home, he's either on the computer or sleeping so by the time I get them to bed, I'm worn out from yelling at them that I have no energy left to wrap the gifts.
*Ice storm Dec. 9th - schools closed, lots of people without power but we didn't lose electricity (my jobs however were affected so I didn't have to go anywhere)
December 9th - also is the birthday of my first neice