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Monday, February 16, 2015

Neglected blog revived with art work

Oil pastel caricature of me 
 Pastel painting of tree with beautiful sunset for a challenge in the Pastel group on Paint My Photo Ning website. 2-16-15

Pastel painting of glass and flowers for Glass challenge in the pastel group on PMP.

 Horse in oil pastel for Heart of the Horse group on PMP. 2-1-15
 Pastel Horse for Heart of the Horse group challenge on PMP. 1-31-15
 3 point perspective that turned into 4 point (November 2014)
 Horse in Charcoal (November 2014)
 Pears in pencil
Trees in oil (Bob Ross style)

 butterfly in clay       December 2014
 Pastel painting following along with PaintBasket (want to do more when I can afford more)  
January 2015

Pastel practice
January 2015