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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tri-fold Wooly

This sheep was colored with alchol markers (some Bic/Sharpie, sky is copic, and I have just placed an order for Prismacolor markers and can't wait for them to come). I mounted Wooly on several colors of cardstock (including a free printable there in the pink). I cut a 12 inch piece of cardstock 4 1/4 inches high and folded it to make this style of card. I adhered only a part of Wooly to one side (that's the hardest part to this card, making sure not to add adhesive to the entire back side. I followed the directions on my yahoo group (I've joined a swap so there will be a few more cards like this coming up) to try them out for this card for my MIL.

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Anonymous said...

that's very cute! Let us know how you like the prismas, I think I'm gonna get some more to fill in mt Bic collection, did you find a good deal?