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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Final Sheep Cards

This is using the new white flock that had just arrived Friday and the last of the Pink Petticoat sheep images. One thing I didn't like about this digital stamp was that I HAD to print the whole sheet of sheep instead of just the ones I like (I don't have much use for graduation cards). Speaking of the graduation card it has an embossed background that just doesn't show up on black but it does look elegant.

Good news about my brother. He went home Thursday night. Everything seems to be fine with his heart. Not entirely sure what's caused the episodes...has low blood pressure and since he had been fasting for a blood test and the stress of a divorce and moving households, and new job may have just been too much at once. When he fainted, it would cause his heart to beat in an abnormal rhythm but it would correct itself after a while. Apparently, that is normal for the heart to do. Thanks for the prayers and concerned comments.

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