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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Patriotic Lani and Photo/Scanner comparison.

I know July 4th is already done but I have another patriotic card to show. This was a freebie from the DigiShack on Saturday(I have another print out of Patriotic Lani, but bigger). They have been colored with colored pencils. I punched the stars out with my CM punches, and used the same light blue to mount the Lani girls on. I used a blue marker to draw around the girls because it looked too plain. The sparklers was glittered with red ultrafine glitter.
Please compare the two photos of the same card. One was with my camera on the tightest zoom I could do and the other is with my scanner. Which do you like better?ScannerClose up of the glitter.

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Diana said...

I like them both... I bet the first one -- the colors are darker and more real. The second one the colors are a little brighter and the card is more legible, but it is a little crooked.

When you photograph, you don't have to zoom, but after you take the picture - I open mine in just the cheapie Microsoft photo thing and do a quick crop. Then I open it in microsoft PAINT and skew (shrink) the pixels so that the picture is a smaller size - so it will load better/faster.

As for scanning - I always seemed to get it crooked and the colors were never just right.

But, until/unless you get good natural light from a window - or you have at least 2 or 3 lamps and a good backdrop - scans often turn out better than photos.

Great cards lately, sorry I haven't been leaving comments...