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Thursday, May 28, 2009

May be off for a while

My computer (the one with the scanner so I can show my creations and the only printer in the house (DH has a scanner on his computer I think but his lazer printer died a couple of months ago)) caught a major virus last night. If I can't get my computer techie/guru DH to fix it quickly (he said that he won't trust it unless he completely wipes the hard drive which means I spent time last night (after disconnecting it from the internet) saving all my photos, cutting files, fonts, etc. to an external hardrive (something I was wanting to do for back up anyway-nothing like necessity stopping procrastination) and then he has to load my programs like MS Word, Adobe Reader, and of course Mozilla), I'll be off for a while. My other option is to use my laptop (which seems to be virus free-thank goodness-so I'm using it to change passwords to be safe) and my camera, (and my camera isn't that good at taking photos).

If I didn't save to the external harddrive the virus, I feel good about what I found/saved. I found the original download of Design Studio (I'm still using the 1.1 version, not the 1.3 version) , I'd been collecting fonts for years before Cricut/SCAL could even use them and I think I found all of them, and I had photos in my Photoshop Elements 4 (that tells you how old that computer is since I never upgraded that program either) and I've saved all but three photos (I got a message that they couldn't be saved for some reason but they were older photos and I had done a backup of photos last fall so I didn't care about 3 photos). Maybe, DH will actually give me a CD writer program this time around (I had a CD drive capable of burning CDs, but he never installed the program to do it and I'm not sure why).

Good about this: Clean hardrive, maybe upgraded hardware/software. On the bad side of this, 1) I'm changing important passwords (like this blog, the bank, eBay, etc) so hopefully I'll remember the new passwords, 2) no scanner and printer access until computer is fixed, 3)losing all my bookmarks, 4) and having to re-enter all my information (like when I sign up for swaps, I have a drop down box with my information already and all I have to do is click instead of type - I know, I'm lazy) but since money informaton is also kept by the computer we disconnected it from the internet as fast as we could.

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Penny Duncan Creations said...

OH YUCKO Cheri....I hope hubby gets it up and running again quickly for you!!! I'm lost when mine doesn't behave as it should....those viruses can be SO nasty!!!!!