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Sunday, May 17, 2009

For my co-workers

For the teachers I work with, I made these cards. Our last day of school is this Friday (I'm ready for a vacation). Inside I have "Thanks for making it a great year." And this group of teachers have supported me when my student has had behavior difficulties. Don't get me wrong, the other teachers I've worked with over the years have been good, but most of them leave me to deal with my student and don't step in to help. For example, I was wearing a long skirt one day and my student stuck his feet under the hem and lifted up. I told him not to do that and stepped back. He didn't take the hint or command and tried to do it again. The classroom teacher saw all this and got after him. Most teachers would have kept instructing the rest of the class and I wouldn't have done anything except step farther back because I wouldn't want to interrupt the teacher or the rest of the class.

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Diana said...

Oh these turned out so cute!! It is so wonderful to have help and support sometimes!!