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Friday, December 11, 2009

MIB Christmas 2009 Ornaments

Scrappy Frogs had a challenge to create a Christmas Home Decor object, something you could use to decorate your house, or give to someone else, to decorate for the holidays. I was going to show what I made for my DH and a couple of his co-workers for a contest (I didn't win). Everyone was given a ball and told to decorate it anyway they wanted. I don't know who voted, but the winner got a half-day of vacation.

This is the one I made for John...I call it simple elegance. The red ball was was taped with the red double sided sticky tape and I took tiny green beads/marbles and mashed them on the tape (not easy on a round object). Then I glued single crystals in the center of each wedge.

The one I made for a female co-worker. I used Accent Essentals as a glue to glue the flowers and the glitter.

And this one is made for a Harley enthusiast. I used foam acrylic paint to glue a paper picture of the motorcycle and to paint the snowman.

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