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Friday, March 20, 2009

So Far...6 cards done today

For a bird swap I used this two-step stamp of a bird. This was my first time using a two-step stamp. It took me a while to figure how to do the second stamp...every time I tried to move the plastic sheet, the cardstock would move too. Later when I was putting the ribbons on, I ran out of the skinny magenta ribbon (got 3 done with it) and had to use some of the sheer green ribbon on the last one. Lastly, I added three silver paint dots on the mat below the bird and in three of the circles. This paint is suppose to look like pearl beads but I haven't quite gotten the technique down for making balls because they get the Kewpie doll or ice cream cone points when I lift the tip off the paint blob.
Below: A couple of Thank you cards for my SIL. The top has a glittery green "flora doodle" from Hobby Lobby while for the lower card I cut a piece of paper with a flower printed on it. I then took my glitter and ran a bead of glue (Matte accents) and put it on the darker pink (I don't know if it shows up). The "thanks" is a chipboard accent from the dollar bin at Michaels.

Hopefully, I'll get more more done tonight. I've already colored some images and stamped some others - just waiting for the paint and ink to dry before I scan them.

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