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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The new family vehicle

OK, so my car breaks down ($4000 to repair) right after I pick it up from the dealership supposedly fixing it. My DH was planning on replacing his 14 yr old pickup this winter after we get the credit card paid off, but now we *have* to have something the whole family can fit in. So DH gets the Ford Escape he's been wanting, but makes the compromise of getting an Automatic in stead of Manual so I can drive it easily (when ever that will be). So now we are living like a one-car family after having two for our entire 14 yr marriage. I know there are people that do that all the time, but I have to be at work before he does, I get out of work at 3 and he doesn't until 5, I have to get home 10 miles away to be home with oldest son after school, I also have a few evenings where I have to be at school from 4-8pm. And this doesn't include DS1's activities, dentist/doctor appointments, etc. We've gotten use to being able to do multiple things/be in multiple places when it was called for. Right now my generous MIL & FIL are allowing me to drive FIL's car, but he's going to need that back eventually.

Update: They came for their car Sunday evening.

Anyway, here it is...Our 2007 Ford Escape

license plate blurred for privacy purposes

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Courtney said...

Nice! Hope you both enjoy the new vehicle. Having to share 1 vehicle would get annoying really quick, I'm sure. I hope you're able to get another one soon!