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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Catch up

Well, lets see...DS2 caught bad cold two weeks ago, I got it last week, and now DH has it. Son2 also has Strep Throat this weekend.

Dh's birthday day...the candles are grouped in a set of 3 and set of 7 to represent his age (wasn't going to light 37 candles even if I was able to fit them all on that small cake).

Did go to Steam Show in Eldon. I need to buy new batteries for camera. Didn't get any pictures of the tractor pull, blacksmithing, or saw mill demonstrations because of the batteries (I thought they had enough "juice").
locomotive ride for the kids

petting zoo

Here's one of the Karate pictures as mentioned last time...

Ok, well it's hot and I'm off to bed. Got to be awake and perky for work tomorrow.

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