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Friday, July 6, 2007

My kids love all creatures

Even this garter snake. At least it's small - I've seen bigger ones caught by my husband.

DS#1 has a crawdad that I picked up. We went to the river today and caught some minnows to see if we can get it to eat. I haven't seen it eating yet and from everything I've read, it eats just about anything (raw hamburger, lettuce, fish flakes, fruit - everything so far was left alone for a day or so and made the tank water smell bad).

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Courtney said...

My boys love all creatures too. I have pics from this summer of them holding/catching all sorts of things, snakes included. They have "pet" rolly pollies, turtles, frogs, snakes, caterpillars, ants, lightning bugs, and anything else they find. Brendan likes to name them all too...yes, even the rolly pollies (Mark, Chris, and John). They each have a turtle right now, named Sam and Shermie. lol Brendan had a scorpion last year (George) and he was very upset when he died.