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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Bookshelf Test

Snow day today...perfect for curling up with a book to read if I just didn't have to do so much.

Your Bookshelf is Comforting

You collect books because you love to read. You love stories, and you reread your favorites over and over again.

It's hard for you to pass up a book by your favorite author. Once you find a writer you love, you tend to read his or her whole catalog.

Your favorite books are full of engaging stories, relatable characters, and surprising plot twists. You like to be immersed in a story.

You read when you want to relax a bit or get away from the dreariness of life. Nothing renews you like a book.

You love books for what's in them, and you don't get too caught up in the apperances of your collection.

In fact, some of your favorite books are well worn, sentimental favorites. That's worth more to you than the latest shiny hardback.

Here are all the results from this quiz:

Your Bookshelf is Inspiring
Your Bookshelf is Curated
Your Bookshelf is Comforting
Your Bookshelf is Informative
Your Bookshelf is Impressive

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