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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's Your Perfect Car?

Cheri, you're a Station Wagon!

You swore you'd never get one, but deep down you knew it was inevitable. Now it's finally happened. The car for you is a sensible, reliable, and oh-so-traditional Station Wagon. But don't panic: you haven't totally become your parents! We're not thinking a Chrysler Town & Country or even a Ford Taurus. The car for you is a hip, updated version of the classic. You've inherited everything that was cool about your folks, and taken it to the next level. Gone are the wood panels and cheesy colors, and way in are the leather interior, CD player, and gear racks for your weekend adventures. How about a Subaru Outback, Volvo V40, or a Saab Aero Wagon—in a classic navy or a firebrick red? You're so happening; no one would ever know that you've got those sensible airbags tucked away for a rainy day.

When I retook the test (there were some quesions that had two possible answers - like "what's in your glove compartment?") I got this answer instead.....

Cheri, you're a Minivan!

All aboard! Whether it's heading to the mall for new soccer sneakers or running off to Grandma's for the weekend, the car for you is the much-maligned Minivan. We're thinking a nice roomy Dodge Caravan or the spacious Chrysler Voyager—how about a powder blue or metallic beige? Maybe you once wore designer threads, but now you're seen more often sporting sweats and lugging groceries. And as you've matured, you swallowed your automotive pride and went with pure functionality. But don't worry, all the appreciation from your comfortable passengers is what really matters. As long as there's a supermarket parking lot out there, there's a space with your name on it. Your heart is as open, reliable and accommodating as your ride. Best of all, people feel safe with you in that spacious ride. You're in it for the long haul, and not obsessed with your looks on the way. You're car is a true family friend.

So I guess that's good since that's the two kinds of vehicles I'm looking at for my next car.

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