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Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm behind in posting

Sorry that I haven't kept up with the blog posts.  End of school, a couple of family gathering, 2 new kittens, new baby chickens, Cub Scout Day Camp, the boys fighting...ya know, life!

Hopefully I can find all the photos of my cards and the sketches.

I couldn't get the cuttlebug embossing to show up...You can almost see it (swirls) on the smaller green panel but the larger green panel also has some (splatter bursts - don't know what to call it)


Some watercoloring I did in Art Class at work

 And here's 2 of the 6 Easter Egger chicks - 5 are brown like the right chick and there's only one white one like this.  One White EE hen, plus One EE roo, plus one Barred Rock broody equals these cuties.  Have to wait until they are older to see how many boys and girls I got.  I think I'll keep the white one no matter what it ends up being.  If roo, it may replace it's father because my right hand is majorly bruised from a body slam from my rooster and it cut my wrist at a major blood vessel last Wednesday.
We also got some polish bantams

 And here's our two new kittens...DeAnna (the tortie) and Riker (the black/white boy).  They like playing together which is why we got two.  Stripe is beginning to warm up to them, but Jadzia probably never will (she still doesn't like Stripe and it's been 3 years).

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