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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Create-A-Card sketch 1-3-2012

Welcome back to a new year and the start of 2012's Create a Card's sketches. Our first sketch...

and what I made following it.

Here's the first one that I made with this sketch. I started with the preprinted "Thank You" sentiment that I had. I forgot where I got it from but there were three of them and I had it printed and cut out and wanted to make sure I didn't lose the last two circles. Here's the link to the other card that used the preprinted circle if you care to take a look.
Anyway, back to today's card...
I used two coordinating printed papers and a solid green cardstock to match the green ink in the word "thank".
I did alter the second one just a little. I wanted the multicolored flowers on top instead of bottom but I put the circles to the left and made them the same size. I still put the sentiment on the right - I'm not so sure I like it there. I do like the blue outline with the blue circle.

Thank you for looking at my cards.

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