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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've gotten behind on my postings

I have been creating cards still, but haven't been on the computer to get them posted. Part of it is printer problems and keeping up with the family, forcing me to check email on a different computer and then leave to get back to life.
This one uses my new cuttlebug folder.

This is the one for today.
I wanted to have a verse on the tag, but this is when my printer started to not work.
DH hasn't figured out why.
No printer, no Hobby Lobby or Dairy Queen coupons. :(
No printer, no sketch printouts, digital images, or sentiments/verses. :(
DH's printer (of which I have no access to unless I get on his computer; however, since I don't know his password, I can't get on his computer), can't print on cardstock.

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