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Saturday, January 31, 2009

SSDS: ABC - Anything But a Card

I had a hard time finding a project for this assignment. First, I decided these bookmarks were too easy and I didn't want a holiday themed bookmark anyway. Then saw these great treat jars, but I didn't have any 1 quart jars (I made blackberry jam once but I used smaller jars) and I didn't want to buy a case of jars at Walmart (although I have other jar recipes that I could do for Christmas in them). I saw Lindsay's post. I was even looking at Scrapbooks ETC. and StampTV for ideas. Finally, I found this. PERFECT!! I could make several of these and give them out to the teachers I work with.
Then on Oct. 23 with out warning, I was demoted as Owner of the yahoo group I opened up by the other person that told me to put her on as co-owner. I was so mad I was shaking. I almost felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to quit that group immediately. I waited an hour to see if it was a mistake then I did quit. But first I emailed to myself links that I wanted to keep. I added those links to the yahoo group, because I thought I'd never be out of this group and it would always be active so I'd always have access to it at any time but if I can get demoted, I can get booted. I'm keeping this post as a reminder of the above links but I've post dated it instead of forward dating it. The good thing about this...I don't have to do this Anything But a Card Challenge anymore.