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Friday, May 30, 2008

Pull EZ ribbon storage

Lots and lots of ribbons. Some of my ribbons turned out to be adhesive backed so they aren't in any of the holes (there's a pocket in the lid so that's where I put them). I guess I have enough ribbon (I must be a ribbon junkie as well as a paper junkie) and I need to start using it more. I didn't get to play around with my ribbons, papers or stamps today because I had a Kirby salesman stop at my house this afternoon.

I'm now the "proud" owner of a Kirby vacuum. I was impressed with the cleaning ability it had, how easy it is to push, and the lifetime guarantee (I don't ever want to have to shop for another vacuum again!). He sucked up lots of dirt and cat hair after running my vacuum for a longer time than I would normally run it and then he used the Kirby and still got more dirt. I just bought a new steam cleaner Wednesday, and about 2 months ago, I had bought a Kenmore upright so it was a little sad to let brand new machines go away. However, I got a "trade-in" for the vacuums for twice what they were worth so that helped me to mentally and financially afford it. The Kirby got the 2 year old chocolate stain out of DS#2's light solid colored carpet that I hand scrubbed (yes, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing it) Tuesday. Too bad he didn't stop by earlier this week before I went shopping. Guess, I ought to start my "Spring Cleaning" again since I have something that will do a better job than my old stuff but I don't really want to. I want to play with my fun stuff before summer school starts next week, not with Kirby! Esp. now that I've committed myself to two years of easy payments, I need to play with and use up what I have because I can't justify (to myself) spending money on stamps and such. I'll just have to wait for TAC's discontinued list to come out this fall/winter and buy what's leaving and can't live without (I just made a big TAC purchase because half of my wish list was being discontinued and I had to get them now).

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