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Saturday, January 12, 2008


I guess I should post my New Year's Resolutions since they say writing them down makes you more accountable so here goes.
  1. Exercise more...I'm thinking to start easy, two days a week, since I haven't been getting exercise time worked into my schedule. So far I don't seem to be meeting this goal. I feel like I get nothing accomplished between the time I get home from school, to the time I have to go back into town to pick up DH, much less exercise.
  2. Lose 15 lbs. MIL gave me a Kolh's gift card for to get new clothes for my new waistline. I think I need winter clothes more than summer clothes since most of my work is during winter so I need to get the weight gone before the winter clothes are gone and the summer stuff is out. To that end, I have gone back on my Nurtisystem style diet.
  3. Keep craft room clean so I can play whenever I get a chance - either sewing or scrapping. I've started the cleaning process, I've got a small spot left to finish. That is where I placed things that needed more work before it got put away. We got a new-to-us dining room table from our neighbor so our heirloom table we were using went downstairs into my room. I need to go finish it right now so I can plan pages for a crop tomorrow.

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